Weekly and Bi-weekly services

Chemical Balancing

Winterization and Spring Openings

Aqua Technicians provide weekly pool and spa maintenance services.

The weekly mainteance includes an extensive pool cleaning. The service includes filter, basket, and equipment inspection. Service technicians perform chemical balancing to ensure a crystal clean pool.

Customers may need assistance balancing the water chemistry or have difficulty resolving a cloudy pool. Aqua Technicians provides chemical balancing for all systems.

According to the results of the pool water tests, we may need to add chemicals to bring the pool water back into the ideal balance for swimmer safety and visual clarity.

We are required to regularly adjust the pH and chlorine levels as these tend to fluctuate according to the weather conditions and swimming pool use.

Winterization - Technicians prepare your pool and spa for the winter season. The maintenance provided can extend the life of your pool or spa.

Spring Openings - Aqua Technicians remove covers and clean the cover box. The service provides a flush of your pool or spa plumbing and reassemble the equipment. Technicains install plug, and wall fittings.

Upon completion the tech will ensure the equipment is in good working condition and provide an assesment of any item in need of repair.