Spa and Pool Repairs

Aqua Technicians repairs for all types of inground pools and spas.

The company installs, repairs and patches pool liners. Pool liners can become dislodged and pop out. Liner can become damaged due to rips or tears. Also, the liner may need repair from age and can fail from sun damage above the water line.

Aqua Technicians perform leak detection by using Ridgid microdrain inspection camera to inspect inbound and outbound flows.

Aqua Technicians expertise in pool and spa repairs continues to save customer's money. Providing quality, cost sensitive repairs to customers.

Spa motor and electrical repairs are no problem.

Resealing your pool and preventative maintenance.

Aqua Technicians of Quincy 

Address: 1410 Monroe Street, Quincy, IL 62031

Phone: 217.228.1958 | Email:

Weekly and monthly cleaning. Winterization are our specialty.

Repairs can be done without draining your pool.